Dropping the lbs.

Life's ups and downs, and a continuing effort towards better health and fitness.

Daily Wrap

Woke up late and skipped breakfast. Didn’t intend to be light on calories today, but I guess it makes up for going a bit over yesterday.

Calories consumed: 1333
Goal: 1790

Answering questions from posts

Turtleseyeview asked “How old is Nathan now?”

He’s a wild and energetic 5 years old. Starts kindergarten this fall, which blows my mind.

Daily Wrap

Fell asleep on the couch, so quick little wrap-up before I go back to bed.

Nathan had swim lessons tonight. It was the “test” night and he passed to the next level. After lessons we let him pick a restaurant to go to since he passed. He choose Red Robin, it was pretty good, but it put me a little over on calories.

Calories consumed: 2229
Goal: 1790

Not terribly over, but a little.


All the Bacon and Eggs by Pyne [threadless | profile]

My pumpkin last year was Ron Swanson, so I must reblog this masterpiece.


All the Bacon and Eggs by Pyne [threadless | profile]

My pumpkin last year was Ron Swanson, so I must reblog this masterpiece.

(Source: threadless)

Quick late night post

I need to get to bed earlier than midnight, 5:30 come too quick.

1665 calories eaten, 1790 goal. Good quality calories mostly too.

Male fitblrs?


If you’re a male fitblr could you please like this and I’ll add you to my list if you’re not already on it. Oh and could you also reblog it so it reaches as many male fitblrs as possible? Because we’re really are in the minority.

Sure why not.

Week 1 weigh-in and recap

First week is always one of the hardest. Am I going to do this? Am I going to be serious? It’s still small and fragile, you don’t have much momentum to get you going. Then again, you have some success later on, or pitty parties that can knock you off track too. Always a battle I guess.

So, week 1 is in the books. It wasn’t perfect, there were slip-ups, but I’m continuing on.

Last week’s weight 255.8
This week’s weight 253.8

Went shopping tonight, breakfasts and lunches ready for the week. Dinners will be what we eat as a family, they tend to be pretty healthy I just need to practice better portion control.

Onward and downward.

8 hours of yard-work

I hate yard-work, hence why my yard needed 8 hours of it. But its done, pretty sure I drank my water and then some today. No tracking food today, but back to that tommorow. Now I’m kicking back on the couch :)

Day 3

Do I keep counting up for recap titles? Maybe, that way I don’t need to be creative.

Swim didn’t happen today, my wife worked late so I couldn’t get to the pool in time for lap swim. Next chance will be Monday (no lap swim on the weekend, wife has a baby shower to attend tomorrow afternoon), so a bit of a bummer.

Food was good, ate 1718 out of the 1790 goal. Drank 4/7ths of the water I should have. Drinking all my water has always been a struggle.

So far so good.

Day 2

Another pretty good day, onward and upward. Drank 5/7ths of the water I should have but thats ok.

Ate well, 1845 calories (goal 1790).

Tomorrow I swim. Hope its not too ugly :)